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  • Saturday, March 2nd - 7pm - Ecstatic Dance with Artful Voyagers 

  • Friday, March 8th - 7:30pm - Contact Improv with Laura & Jeremy 

  • Saturday, March 9th - 2pm - Wim Hof Fundamentals Workshop and Guided Ice Bath with Kamalika Stockton 

​Marni Task Workshops 

  • Saturday, March 9th - 10:15am-10:45am - Anusara Tattvas Workshop​

  • Saturday, March 9th - 3pm-5pm - Restorative Yoga Workshop - This yoga workshop is designed to teach you how to provide support and help the body relax during asana practice to achieve active relaxation. OPEN TO ALL LEVELS​

  • Sunday, March 10th - 12:15pm-1:15pm - Asana Assists Workshop - In this workshop we will learn to assist and self assist parsvakonasana, parvritta parsvakonasana, bird of paradise and more...​

  • Sunday, March 10th - 1:15pm-3:15pm - Business of Yoga Workshop - Have you ever wondered what are the rules and regulations of a yoga business? Are you a teacher, studio owner, or both? In this workshop, we will learn about CYT Insurance, the ethics of yoga teaching, and the umbrella of the Yoga Alliance

  • WORKSHOP PRICES for 3/8-3/10 Weekend ONLY

  • $25 per workshop​

  • $100 for the day

  • $250 for the weekend


  • Saturday, March 16th - 11am-1pmAdvanced Arm Balance Workshop with Brain Bucher and Marni Task - In this workshop, you will see Brian Bucher‘s perfected pose, as he floats in and out of the arm balances. Through demos, discussion and drills we will break down each of these advanced shapes to make them accessible. This workshop is for all levels. We will be working every pose from the bottom to the top! The cost for the workshop is $44. For more information, reach out to Marni directly by phone (216-533-4328) or email

  • Saturday, March 23 - 7pm - Ecstatic Dance with Artful Voyager

  • Saturday, March 30th - 9am-2pm - Spring Awakening Yoga & Creativity Retreat with Marni and Kristina Ambrosia. Through Yoga practices, community connection and creativity experiences we will…Reawaken the Body, Reawaken the Mind, Renergize the Spirit, Renergize Relationships. Join us for a workshop that will inspire you to blossom into your creative spirit. Enjoy a plant based EAT THE RAINBOW LUNCH that'll energize your body, mind & spirit. TICKETS HERE 


  • Friday, April 5th at 7pm in RM 210 - Contact Improv with Brian Schultis

  • Saturday, April 6th - 11am-2pm - Introduction to Kundalini Yoga Workshop with Mike Boyes. During this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of Kundalini how to incorporate the skills into your yoga practice. Mike is a new teacher joining our Yoga Room family! He is very knowledgeable about this style of yoga and is passionate about sharing it. Get your tickets HERE

Marni Task Weekend Workshops

  • Friday, April 12th at 5pm-6:15pm - Jivamikti Simple Class

  • Friday, April 12th at 8pm-9pm - Savasana Assists Workshop: Have you ever had the most cosmic Savasana assists? In this workshop you will learn some of the key hands on adjustments that help people let go of their busy monkey mind so they can surrender to a deep state of relaxation.

  • Saturday, April 13th at 9am-10:15am - Anusara (Bhagavad Gita) Theme

  • Sunday, April 14th at 9am-10:15am - Anusara (Nadam Class Deep Listening)

  • Sunday, April 14th at 10:45am-12:45pm - Bhoomikas Workshop: Focusing on the guides through the various stages of development and consciousness in the practice of yoga.​

  • Sunday, April 14th at 3:45pm-5pm - Sequencing Workshop: In this workshop you will learn how to sequence a class. We will play a special game, putting things in order. You will learn how to structure a yoga class for a peak pose and the warm-up postures one could do on the way there.

WORKSHOP PRICES for 4/12-4/14 Weekend ONLY

  • $25/hour per workshop​ - $100 for the day - $250 for the weekend

  • For more information check out Marni's website HERE or send her an EMAIL

  • Thursday, April 18th - 5pm-9pm Mindra Visit - Harmonium Tuning and Purchasing ​(

    • 5pm-7pm - Tuning and Purchasing - Mindra will be bringing a variety of beautiful harmoniums to sell to our community, he will also be available for tuning of your harmonium during this time. Please RSVP for a time slot HERE

    • 7pm-9pm - Kirtan and Chant - Join us for a community kirtan with our dear friend Mindra - $20 suggested donation 

  • Saturday, April 20th at 7pm in RM 208 - Ecstatic Dance with Artful Voyagers 

  • Sunday, April 21st at 7pm - Sound Bath with Steve Turner - RSVP HERE

  • Saturday, April 27th at 8pm in RM 208 - Murray Hill Milonga hosted by Marilyn & Orlando​​ - DJ Timmy Tango - $10 donation - More information HERE

Check out our PAST Workshop and Events here!

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