ERICA STEINWEG (E-RYT, YACEP) has been teaching yoga for nearly two decades.  She holds a certificate in the Iyengar method of yoga and a BFA in dance from the University of Utah.  In addition, she is a dedicated mindfulness practitioner and has attended numerous silent meditation retreats across North America.  Erica feels that the best yoga responds to a person’s needs, challenges, and questions, be they physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.  This could mean addressing the pain of injury or aging with modifications and/or special sequences to strengthen or ease tension.  It could also mean using mindfulness to develop greater awareness of how emotions, like fear, anxiety, and anger, affect our lives and our bodies.  Erica is always interested helping each individual learn what is needed to restore balance.

HEATHER ANDERSON BOLL has practiced Yoga since 1997, first introduced to it by her Yogini sister, and then again in graduate school as an Actor at Yale School of Drama 2000-2003, where Yoga was an integral component of the Movement and Voice training. She continued her own practice in NY and then in 2008 joined the faculty teaching Acting at Oberlin College with a year at Case Western Reserve University, where she incorporated Yoga into every Acting, Voice, and Movement class she developed over ten years. She earned her Associate Teacher Certification in Fitzmaurice Voicework© in NY 2012, deepening her practice of Tremoring into Yoga-inspired poses, and RE-Structuring muscularity with the newly freed Breath. In 2017-18, Heather returned to Yoga as the ancient origin of all these Mind/Body/Spirit practices, studying with the great Marni Task and earning her Certification as Registered Yoga Teacher in Jivasara Yoga in 2018. Heather offers classes in Vinyasa, Slow Burn, Meditation, Restorative Yoga, Fitzmaurice De/Re-Structuring, and Pranayama (Breath). All classes are Trauma-Sensitive, and special attention is given toward healthy alignment at any level of practice. Heather also offers private sessions for those who wish for a more personalized practice. It is an unbelievable honor to devote herself to this inherently inclusive, joy-affirming and sacred practice.

JILL DAVIES (CYT, RYT) has been teaching yoga for ten years has studied with many great teachers in both San Francisco and Cleveland.  Jill draws inspiration from her experience with Iyengar, Anusara and Jivamukti Yoga to create a nurturing, balanced and alignment oriented class.  She strives to help all students find their optimal body and mind practice in each class.


CAREY JAROS (RYT 200) began practicing yoga in 2004, from a book, in her small London flat.  In the years since, she has explored many styles (Baptiste, Bikram, Ashtanga, Jivasara) and practiced in studios, apartments and hotel rooms all over the world.  Carey is grateful to and inspired by her teachers and their teachers, especially Marni Task, Sharon Gannon, David Life, and Baron Baptiste.  Her classes feature a strong Vinyasa flow, alignment cues, and moving music. 

LAURA MORELLO (RYT) decided to study and teach yoga because she personally experienced its power to promote insight and healing, especially amidst key difficulties in life.  She worked as a social worker for years in the community and wishes to bring the gifts of yoga to others, where others may gain more tools to explore and accept themselves with compassion and connect more fully to their True Self within.  Her classes are inspired from movements and meditations in Hatha and Kundalini, but may also include some flow.


HAYLEIGH ROBERTSON (CYT) Hayleigh keeps her classes as accessible as possible, offering plenty of alternatives to poses and encouraging you to decide what's best for you.  Whether you want to challenge yourself, be gentle on your self or do something in the middle, you are welcome to.  Her Friday class, Mindful Flow, allows you to tune into all of your senses and strengthen the mind-body connection.  It is set at a slower pace.  Her Thursday class, Vinyasa Flow, is set at a faster pace and incorporates poses to boost your flexibility, balance and inner and outer strength.  Hayleigh is also a licensed massage therapist and will often include hands-on assists/massages (with your consent), and teach Self Massage techniques you can take home with you in order to continue caring for yourself on and off the mat. 


AMY RUNNELS (E-RYT 500) has been teaching yoga since 2006 and is an Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher and Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. She began studying Iyengar Yoga regularly with Karen Allgire in 2011 and completed Karen's apprenticeship program in 2016. Additionally, Amy has been fortunate enough to study with senior teachers Laurie Blakeney, Manouso Manos and Dean and Rebecca Lerner. She is an Introductory II Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher and strives to pass along some of the immeasurable knowledge, compassion, and wisdom her teachers have shared with her. Amy lives in Shaker Heights with her husband, Patrick, and is kept busy by their two young children, their dog Zoe, and her studies in the field of physical therapy.


NATHAN SPAGNOLA (CYT) Nathan's yogic journey has been one of adventure. He has had spiritual experiences ranging from visiting a grizzly bear sanctuary near Alaska where he encountered a spirit bear in the wild, to training with Sri Dharma Mittra and Sri Andrei Ram. Nathan travels to locations like New York city, Costa Rica, Columbia and the Amazon to learn from these masters in order to further his own spiritual growth and to bring their teaching back to his students. He has been practicing yoga for 16 years and has been experimenting with qigong for 11 years. Nathan was a collegiate pole vaulter, has his masters degree in statistics, and loves being outside longboarding or connecting with nature. In the end, every experience is a chance to learn and to grow - to evolve and claim the freedom and peace of mind we all deserve. Unite with your inner most self, you inner most truth. 

MARNI TASK (CYT, E-RYT 500) has been teaching yoga since 1995.  An Advanced Certified Jivamukti Teacher & Anusara Inspired instructor was voted Best Yoga Teacher in Scene Magazine.  She stepped onto the yoga path in 1987 in New York City and upon meeting her beloved teacher, Sharon Gannon, and through the yoga practice she finally felt at home in her body. Known as a teacher's teacher, Marni leads yoga teacher trainings and still studies with her beloved teachers Sharon Gannon & David Life, co-creators of Jivamukti.  Since 1999 she has been inspired by the Anusara method and integrates the Universal Principles of Alignment into her teaching.  Her classes offer healthy and creative sequencing that can heal the body and mind and often are rocking with inspirational music and spoken word. 

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