Has been teaching yoga since 1995.  An Advanced Certified Jivamukti Teacher & Anusara Inspired instructor was voted Best Yoga Teacher in Scene Magazine.  She stepped onto the yoga path in 1987 in New York City and upon meeting her beloved teacher, Sharon Gannon, and through the yoga practice she finally felt at home in her body. Known as a teacher's teacher, Marni leads yoga teacher trainings and still studies with her beloved teachers Sharon Gannon & David Life, co-creators of Jivamukti.  Since 1999 she has been inspired by the Anusara method and integrates the Universal Principles of Alignment into her teaching.  Her classes offer healthy and creative sequencing that can heal the body and mind and often are rocking with inspirational music and spoken word. 



Has been teaching yoga for nearly two decades.  She holds a certificate in the Iyengar method of yoga and a BFA in dance from the University of Utah.  In addition, she is a dedicated mindfulness practitioner and has attended numerous silent meditation retreats across North America.  Erica feels that the best yoga responds to a person’s needs, challenges, and questions, be they physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.  This could mean addressing the pain of injury or aging with modifications and/or special sequences to strengthen or ease tension.  It could also mean using mindfulness to develop greater awareness of how emotions, like fear, anxiety, and anger, affect our lives and our bodies.  Erica is always interested helping each individual learn what is needed to restore balance.



Has been teaching yoga for ten years has studied with many great teachers in both San Francisco and Cleveland.  Jill draws inspiration from her experience with Iyengar, Anusara and Jivamukti Yoga to create a nurturing, balanced and alignment oriented class.  She strives to help all students find their optimal body and mind practice in each class.



Dr. Kim is a certafied (ELDOA) (Étirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation OsteoArticulaire; Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation of the Spine) trainer and is passionate about educating musicians about health, body awareness, and injury prevention. Away from music, she enjoys hiking, running, practicing yoga, healthy cooking, museums, movies, being in nature, and being a lifelong learner. 

ELDOA is a revolutionary technique created by world renowned osteopath, Guy VOYER DO.  It is a semi-private group class that focuses on addressing various physical concerns by working with the spine and fascia.  ELDOA stretching postures performed with specific technique and in the correct progressions, essentially help to decompress the spine by creating space between any given articulation on the spine.  Many possible benefits include normalizing disc bulges, increasing flexibility, muscle performance and tone, injury prevention and recovery, reduced joint inflammation, increased blood flow, improved posture, and relief of chronic and acute back pain.



Selfspace is an urban meditation studio and art collective originating in Cleveland.  The founder, Lindsay Stefans, is a lighting designer, meditation instructor and practicing Zen Buddhist.  Raheem Stevenson is a painter and meditation instructor who is a practitioner in the tradition of the Fourth Way which combines and harmonizes the emotions, the body, and the mind. Kimberly Tretiakow is a dancer and artist who leads mindful movement classes and works as a specialist in childhood play therapy for autism.  They formed the meditation studio as a way to bring people together and share their knowledge in a secular and open setting. Selfspace also creates unique sound, light and sculptural environments and has been commissioned by art festivals throughout Ohio.



Diane Williams is the founder and creator of BigZenLittleZen and 500hr E-RYT, teaching yoga, meditation and pranayama throughout NorthEast Ohio and beyond. Offering sacred space that fosters healthy living while connecting the mind, body and breath. Diane has dedicated her life to learning and living the ancient practices and principles of yoga working to make it relatable and accessible for all. For anyone who practices with Diane, she will function as a mentor, teacher and confidant through your journey on and off the mat. Diane's intention is that you leave her class feeling refreshed,enlightened and equipped with the resources to move with intention and feel your best self. Diane offers Vinyasa Yoga and Basic Yoga.



Lauren Powell is a yoga teacher and licensed massage therapist.


Margaret Stamm offers full length, in depth yoga classes that are great for beginners as well as the advanced yogi. Gentle & Intentional Yoga is a style of Yoga Margaret created to help anyone who needs healing. Margaret started practicing yoga in order to help recover from a traumatic brain injury, and it has been a godsend ever since. By focusing on our breath and setting a positive intention, Margaret's classes will guide you through self-healing and recovery, even after you've healed! Margaret has been teaching regularly since 2013 with a 200hr/YT Certification.

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