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Marni Task

In 1987 as part of her acting training at NYU’s Experimental Theater Wing in Paris Marni was introduced to Yoga. A few years later she met her teacher, Sharon Gannon and from that moment she was hooked. She became a diehard Jivamukti yoga student and began teaching in 1995 and became a Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher in 1997.


While teaching in the Hamptons, Marni was introduced to Anusara Yoga. Her first teachers were the amazing Doug Keller, Amy Ippoliti, Desiree Rumbaugh and Suzi Hurley. Then after years of study with John Friend, she became an Anusara Inspired Teacher. Her classes are infused with the ancient teachings of yoga for the modern mind and students say that she is a 'teacher's teacher.' She also leads a yearly yoga teacher training at Yoga Room Cleveland. While offering healthy, creative, fun sequencing to heal the body and mind, Marni's classes are steeped with inspirational music, poetry, humor and spoken word.


"I love yoga. I love how yoga works. I love how yoga is apocalyptic. I love what yoga reveals in me, LOVE. Sometimes it reveals what's covering up the love and that's when I really get to PRACTICE yoga!  In class you will be challenged, cajoled, inspired and supported to delve deep into your body and mind and find out who you are and have always been...which is LOVE itself!"

Marni is available for private group or individual sessions. She can also create a specialized event for your group. Please email Marni for more information. 

During time spent in NYC, Marni developed Indu Aromatherapy, a yogi inspired line of lotion that has evolved over the last 20 years into body/room sprays, soap, candles & yoga mat cleaner.

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Erica Steinweg

Erica has been practicing and teaching yoga in the Cleveland area for over twenty years. Her primary training is in the Iyengar method. She holds a teacher's certificate in that style and had the honor of studying with BKS Iyengar on his last journey to America in 2005.  She is also registered with the Yoga Alliance as a Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT).

Along with yoga, Erica has found the practice of mindfulness to be essential to her development as a person and as a teacher. For the last decade, she has been studying mindfulness through the Insight (or Vipassana) tradition, going on silent retreats multiple times a year and working one on one with Chas DiCapua, the resident teacher at The Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts. 

In addition to yoga and mindfulness studies, Erica has a BFA in modern dance from the University of Utah and has shared movement practices in a variety of settings and in a variety of ways--from adapting yoga practices for those recovering from eating disorders at The Emily Program, to working patients in their hospital beds at University Hospitals Ireland Cancer Center, to teaching dancers at Cleveland State University, and preschoolers at local pre-schools.

When she's not doing yoga, Erica can be found hiking the hills of Cuyahoga Valley, reading by the fire, or making art with her daughter. She is also a published writer and poet.

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Joanne Russo 

Joanne Russo is a E-RYT, experienced yoga teacher certified in Vinyasa Flow Yoga. She received her yoga teacher training from Sonic Yoga in New York City in 2008. Joanne is also a Homeopathic Consultant (2003) and a Reiki Master (2011). 

Joanne has studied with Sharon Gannon and David Life, Max Strom, Mitch Bleier, Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman,  Tari Printer and Margot and Bill Milcetich, Beth Navon, Cyndi Lee and David Nichtern.

Passionate about all aspects of yoga and meditation, Joanne infuses her classes with yogic philosophy, spirituality, awareness and equanimity and proper alignment, creating a purposeful vigorous yoga flow. She is interested in the inner self and the well-being of all people.

Joanne also offers private individual classes, group classes and workshops. She works one on one with individuals including those working on specific issues as well as beginners new to yoga through seasoned yogis of all ages. Her workshops are part yoga, part meditation, part journaling. Please email to book an event or class with Joanne. 

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Nadia Sanko

Martin and Nadia teach rueda de casino (group salsa/son dance from Cuba) every Sunday from 2:30 pm-5:30 pm.  During the fall and winter, they meet in Room 208 at Yoga Room Cleveland.  During the spring and summer, they meet outside at the gazebo at Tony Brush Park or at the beach house at Edgewater Park.

Please email for to sign up for Rueda de Casino.

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Beth Gatchell 

Beth Gatchell is a wellness expert who focuses on Thai Massage, yoga, martial arts, energy work, and music to calm and fortify the mind, body and nervous system. She has completed advanced training in Thai Massage, is certified at the 200-h level in yoga, has specialized yoga anatomy and trauma-sensitive training, and is a kirtan musician and singer-songwriter.


She is trained in shamanic reiki, Healing Hands from the Dakota Sioux and tai gik hei gong (tai chi and chi gong). She offers modalities that have helped her grow and manage Lyme disease, mold poisoning, grief and physical injury. Feel free to each out to explore Thai massage and other complementary modalities. Packages available. 

Beth is available for Thai Massage (60, 75, 90 and 120-minute sessions) She is also available for beginning yoga workshops, "yoga to stress less" workshops, kirtans, live music for yoga classes, corporate wellness (yoga and chair massage). Email Beth for questions or more information. 

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Kamalika Stockton 

Kamalika is a Level 2 Certified and Insured Wim Hof instructor based out of the NE Ohio and surrounding regions. She is also a certified Reiki practitioner. Kamalika has experience as a licensed Art Teacher/Therapist who provides group workshops and one-on-one sessions for Vision Boards, sculpting and collaging to help you find alternative routes of deeper personal expression and reflection.


Kamalika also offers group and one-on-one Hiking, Meditation and Shinrin-Yoku (“Forest Bathing”) to help you find grounding through nature.

She is available for private individual or group classes. Please email her for more information.

Kamalika’s personal journey has brought her to life’s crossroads many times. While fortifying her own health and wellbeing, her passion grew for sharing these supportive practices with her community. Deep inside of each of us is an intelligence, that guides us towards our best self. Her dream is to share experiences that help people connect with those inner healing forces. Her company, Chagrin River Holistic Health,  was developed in order to teach people various health practices for healthier and fuller lives. 


When she is not practicing, Kamalika enjoys spending time with her 2 kids & fur babies. 

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Sarah Ezzie 

Sarah started practicing yoga in 2010, and found it to be a blissful retreat waiting for her whenever she needed it. She became particularly fond of Cleveland Yoga early on in her quest to discover the practice.  As a personal trainer, weightlifting and running always stayed as the mainframe of her weekly routine. Yoga gradually made a bigger appearance as she noticed aches and pains eased away, and felt more grounded in daily life and rejuvenated. She found peace and clarity on a yoga mat.


Sarah has been in the fitness industry since 1996, working at a local gym while in high school. She went onto study at John Carroll University, where she founded their existing group exercise program. After college, Sarah landed in corporate wellness. Currently, she is the Senior Wellness Manager for SITE Centers, and have been leading their wellness program and teaching fitness classes since 2009.


She also completed the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Tami Schneider and Ylonda Rosenthal Greene in 2019. Sarah continues to grow within her practice as a student with many fabulous instructors. She would describe her style as a blend of an athletic, powerful flow and restorative asanas, bringing careful attention to alignment. You will leave class feeling not only physically energized, but with clarity, gratitude and a renewed spirit. 


Yoga is growing to love yourself just as you are. To accomplish that you don’t need much – just you and your mat. Bring an open heart. The journey is spectacular and there’s no finish line. The practice is yours. 

Sarah is available for private group classes, please email for more information.

When she's not on her mat, you can find Sarah behind her capturing moments for her photography business, Stella & Fern Photography

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Lindsay Stefans  

Lindsay Stefans is a certified mindfulness teacher by IMTA (International Mindfulness Teachers Association). She is a designer, artist, entrepreneur and world traveler.  She has received design, art and technology commissions from private collectors to blue chip tech firms.  Her current work focuses on contemplative practices incorporating meditation, sculpture and communal gathering. She has practiced meditation in the tradition of Soto Zen and self-inquiry meditation in the tradition of Advaita Vedanta both in the US and India for over 3 decades.

She is dedicated meditation instructor with 1000s of hours of meditation experience. Lindsay was first introduced to meditation as a teenager in New York City when she attended Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center. Since then, she has received training from prominent meditation teachers within various traditions and have attended rigorous meditation retreats in the US and India over the past 25 years.


Lindsay first began teaching mindfulness when she became a certified Natural Childbirth educator in the Hypnobirthing method in 2004. Since founding her own secular meditation studio, Selfspace in 2017, she has provided guidance and structure for people looking to continue their practice or begin a new practice. She has studied the origins and philosophy of contemplative Buddhist practices in the Mahayana tradition and lived in Japan for 6 years as an East Asian studies major as an undergraduate. Additionally, she has read many texts, articles, and books on the subject of neuroscience and meditation as well as attend seminars in the field of mindfulness and brain health. Lindsay has adaily meditation practice and is a sangha member of the Zen Center of Pittsburgh. She started Selfspace as a way to incorporate contemporary spatial design practices, secular meditation instruction and communal gathering.

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Krsnaa Fitch

Krsnaa Devi Dasi Fitch is a life-long Bhakti Yogi, and has been singing kirtan since she could speak! Krsnaa has performed with Enchanted Hearts, and Krishna Das, and has traveled the world as a performer. She has contributed to several kirtan albums, most notably "Forever" by Mahatma Das & Friends. She is a graduate of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC and teaches acting, and singing.

She is also a mother of two lovely boys, and is excited to share her love of Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga with people of all ages at The Yoga Room

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Steve Turner

Steve's yogi interest was peaked while watching, "Awake the Life of Yogananda". He began meditating, polar plunging; sound healing and then to yoga. He fell in love with the practice of yoga and also playing guitar during Savasana. Steve felt at home during his practice of healing sounds and felt he needed to share sound baths with others. 

His yoga classes begin with guitar leading into a deep Savasana meditation followed by an uplifting yoga class. Steve's technique is to start and end with similar flows to compare how the body feels before and after class. He finishes with a Savasana that is filled with sound bowls, gongs, chimes, pyramids and more. 

When not on the mat, Steve can be found leading sound bath journeys. He enjoys playing guitar and incorporates rhythms when beginning a sound bath that naturally flows into the other healing instruments. The vibrations of sound work through the chakras are magical; energizing the mind while simultaneously relaxing the body. The sound baths create an atmosphere and tone for exceptional sleep and a less stressful week.

Steve is available for private group sound baths. Please email for more information. 

You can also find Steve on a trail hiking with his dog, Rosie and late night bike rides. 

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Dianne Williams
or "DW"

DW is the best kids' yoga teacher around! Read more about her & the work she does in our communities here.

She teaches private classes for parents and children.

Her classes will deepen your connection with your children, increase understanding & compassion, & help children with emotional regulation, relaxation, and communication.

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Lesley Turski

I’m Lesley Turski, a certified Sound Healing Practitioner located in Northeast Ohio.

I hold a safe space and facilitate self-healing for others with the use of sound and its vibrational energy. Using vibrational instruments both on and off the body, I will assist you in releasing blocked energy channels, reducing stress and anxiety and bringing balance to mind, body, and spirit.

I believe that life and its journey is a ceremony and should be celebrated.  Part of the human experience is that we all encounter challenges.  Sound Healing can help in challenging times by realigning your vibration, which initiates a healing process for the mind, body and spirit. 

I continue to grow, expand, learn and work with sound and want to share my joy, peace and love with this community throughout my journey.

I enjoy the seasons that living in Northeast Ohio brings and find enjoyment hiking outdoors all year round with my best furry friend. Each season brings its unique energies with sounds, smells, and visions. I also enjoy gardening, baking, cooking and maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit with meditation, yoga, and sound.

Learn more about my work here.

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If you are a Teacher looking for a space to share your Practice - please contact us!  


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