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Note about 200HR Teacher Training with Marni Task:​

This year's training is currently in-progress. 
If you would still like to join the 2022 training, 

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If you are already a graduate of Marni's Teacher Training, you are more than welcome to join us during her YTT weekends for CEU credits at no extra charge (yes, we're serious!). ****Please email Marni here to RSVP ahead of time so that we can make sure we have space for you.

If you sign up for YTT this year, the same will apply to you for all of Marni's future teacher trainings. Once you're in, you're in!


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Saturday, December 3, 10am-5pm: Little Italy Art Walk! Free hand & neck massages with Indu Aromatherapy Lotion!

Sunday, December 4, 2pm-5:30pm: Cuban Salsa with Nadia & Martin. Beginner lesson starts at 2pm. Intermediate/advanced group dancing starts at 3:30.

Friday, December 9, 3pm-9pm: Private birthday party! Inquire here about hosting your own party or event at the Yoga Room.

Saturday, December 10, 12-1pm: Private Yoga class for local organization. Inquire here about having your own private yoga event at the Yoga Room.

Sunday, December 15, 12:30pm-4pm: Wim Hof Method Workshop with Kamalika Stockton


  • Saturday, January 14, 11AM-3PM:  Brand Photo Glow-Up with Camille Marie Photography

  • January 20-22: Marni Task 200HR YTT


  • February 24-26: Marni Task 200HR YTT


  • March 10-12: Marni Task 200HR YTT


  • April 14-16: Marni Task 200HR YTT


  • May 5-7: Marni Task 200HR YTT


  • June 2-4: Marni Task 200HR YTT

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Sundays 7-8:30PM


ROOM 208


In Paul's words:

Drawing from a number of different cultures and practices I share combinations of simple and effective techniques

to cultivate presence and bring balance into one’s physical and mental being.


Ranging from breathwork to meditation to qigong to yoga to sharing certain philosophies and so on, I like to take pieces and parts from all over that really stuck with me that I feel are worth sharing.

I also like to keep things fairly simple so that anyone, beginner or expert is able to come and join in. And as simple as what I share is, if practiced consistently one will really feel how deeply they can go.

You can learn more about me and my work here.

In 2015 at the age of 24 I was diagnosed with brain cancer. I went through an extremely dark and prolonged time struggling with things such as high anxiety/panic/depression/obsessive negative thinking patterns, cancer symptoms, sleep deprivation being awake over 9 days straight and then waking up 30 times a night for a year and a half. Things were very dark. But it was that low point in my life that got me to research about health and wellness from a multicultural perspective, endlessly experimenting and practicing new things and learning philosophy and about different medicine systems. I’m insanely grateful that over time those small steps added up and brought me to a very balanced spot in life.

I like to share some of my story so that my students know that everything that I will be sharing has been shown to be effective in my own life during very stressful times.

$25 register in advance
$30 at the door


Join us for another incredible evening Sound Bath with Steve Turner.  We will set intentions while moving through a guitar meditation to slow the breath and quiet the mind. Steve creates medicinal musical vibrations working through the chakras of releasing and opening with sound. You will be relaxed, open to accept and release what no longer serves, and be able to soften all the tension in your body. Allow the crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, chimes, rain stick, and vibes to help you get deeper into a state of bliss. That’s when the healing happens! We truly do have the capability to heal ourselves with focused breathing, belief, and soothing vibrational sounds. 

Sound is energy & vibration. These vibrations will allow us to enter an altered state of consciousness & brainwave function, through which we may experience personal insights, spontaneous healing, & adventures within. We will be fully immersed in the healing sounds, warm candlelight, and a focus on self-exploration and discovery. Let the vibrations soothe your entire being!


A sound bath can be an unforgettable experience for those who seek deep relaxation, rejuvenation and an acceleration of their inward journey. Physical injuries can be healed. Old emotional traumas released. Great insights can be accessed. You truly feel vibrantly alive.

The musical vibrations will bounce around the room and work their magic. You will leave energized yet relaxed, ready for a great night sleep and a positive week ahead.


No experience required. Your journey can be lying down or in a comfortable seat that works for you. Bring a mat, water, any extra props you'd like to bring to feel more comfortable such as a bolster, blankets, eye pillow, etc. Steve is available before and after sessions to answer questions and to assist you. 

$25 Registration Payments can be made in person with Cash and Venmo:  

                                                                  Venmo: Steve-Turner-67 

                                                                  IG : @backtotheearthyoga


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