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teacher training with marni task

WEEK 1: JUNE 5-12th, 2020

WEEK 2: JULY 10-16, 2020



In this course of study and practice you will learn:

  • Asana alignment and the Therapeutic Health Benefits of Yoga

  • To Practice & Teach Meditation

  • To Practice & Teach Pranayama

  • Anatomy and Physiology in a Language Suitable for Teaching

  • Safe and effective verbal and Hands-on Postural Adjustments

  • Yoga philosophy, History of Yoga, Jivamukti Philosophy/Anusara Philosophy

  • The Universal Principles of Alignment in the Anusara Tradition

  • The 5 Tenets of Jivamukti Yoga, Vinyasa Krama

  • Choosing a Theme & Weaving it Through a Class.

  • Basics of Sanskrit & Sanskrit Names of Asanas

  • Energy Anatomy: Chakras, Koshas, Nadis, Bandhas & more...

  • Create a Satsang that Supports Your Life and Practice

  • Teaching Methodology, Including Relationship with Yoga Students

  • Planning a Yoga Class, The Skill of Sequencing a Class, Teacher Demos

  • Cultivate a Trust and Confidence in Your SELF

  • Develop Deep, Intimate Connections with Your Fellow TT’s

    Explore the Magic of Mantra, Meditation and Chanting. ( THIS SHOULD BE PART OF THE BULLETS)


    This transformational training will teach you the skills you need to powerfully create and lead a transcendent yoga class with strength, confidence and compassion.  While you learn how to powerfully serve others you will magically empower yourself on and off the mat.