COVID-19 Safety Measures

  • Extended time between classes, allowing teachers to disinfect the studio as well as allowing students to socially distance when coming into and leaving the building.

  • Limiting class size to ensure social distancing.

  • Required preregistration to ensure that students get a spot in desired class.

  • Assigned spots for yoga mats, ensuring social distancing.

  • Studio mats and props are not offered.

  • No late arrivals. Please be on your mat and ready to practice 1-2 minutes before the class start time.

  • We are continuing to stream classes online.

  • Water fountains and water filling stations are temporarily unavailble.

  • We encourage credit card transactions rather than cash.

  • We may refuse classes to students who show visible signs of illness.

  • Face coverings must be worn entering the gallery and Studio. They may be removed oonce you are on your mat.

Ashtanga Mysore Style: Ashtanga is a system of yoga taught by the late Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois at his Institute in Mysore, India. It consists of sun salutations followed by a specific sequence of poses; the Primary Series is the first sequence and best known. 

The first Saturday of every month will be a led half Primary Sequence with an audio recording.  The remaining Saturdays will be in the Mysore style.  Students practice their own portion of the Ashtanga sequence of asanas at their own pace and as such experience with Ashtange is needed.  This class is a $5 drop in.

Awaken Yoga: this class utilizes spiritual and physical practices inspired by Kundalini and Hathat yoga and will explore movements, breathing techniques, meditation and chanting to help support awakening in your life.


Hatha Yoga: Classical yoga that blends awareness, intelligence, and breath to stretch body and mind. Class includes systematic sequencing, precision, and individual attention.

Iyengar Yoga: Using physical alignment as a starting pont, Iyengar Yoga encourages the spread of intelligence throughout the body, the growth of self-awareness, and an experience of the asanas as a form of "meditation in action" to create a profound, intelligent, rewarding, and transformative pracitce of yoga especially for you.


Jivasara: A combination of Anusara and Jivamukti Yoga. Anusara is a hatha yoga system that unifies Universal Principles of Alignment with a non-dual tantric philosophy that is epitomized by a “celebration of the heart.” Jivamukti classes consist of creative and flowing vinyasa sequences, inspirational music, breath awareness, meditation, ancient yogic teachings for the modern mind, hands-on alignment and relaxation.

Light and Sound Bath: Join us in an artist-created luminous environment.  The vibrations of the crystal singing bowls will calm the nervous system and leave you feeling refreshed and uplifted. Feel free to lie down on the soft carpet or sit inside a copper meditation pyramid.  This unique session combines guided meditation and a healing sound bath in a beautiful and calm setting. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early.

Many Paths: This style is a blend of alignment-informed yoga as well as insight meditation (vipassana) practices. It understands that there are many ways up the mountain. Classes are responsive to individual needs and focus on developing awareness of physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts. Modifications for injuries and other physical challenges are taught.

Meditative Yoga Flow: A basic vinyasa class with emphasis on alignment, strengthening and cultivating relaxation through maintaining focused attention to breath. Class will end with meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation: This class will include meditation instruction followed by a seated meditation, brief walking meditation and ending in a discussion.  No experience is necessary; however, experienced meditators are encouraged to attend as we will cover various topics to help you begin or grow your meditation practice and build self-compassion in your life. Sessions are not consecutive and can be attended on a drop-in basis. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. We provide cushions and chairs if needed.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes early.

Restorative Yin: A meditative practice employing deep forward folds and hip openers over bolsters and blankets, straps and blocks for Myofascial Release, stress relief and soothing the spirit/  Focused attention is paid on anatomical breath release through Frizmaurice Destructuring Technique, and on restoring healthy skeletal alifnment for Chakra clearing.  Music is finely curated for a sound healing experience. 

Sister Circle: A Sister Circle is a purposeful gathering of women with the intention of connection and sharing personal celebrations, challenges, and desires. This is an opportunity for us to cultivate deeper sisterhood in our lives and in the world from a safe and supported environment.

7 Reasons Why a Sister Circle May Work For You

•you are looking for guidance and healing techniques, breath practice, meditation
•you are seeking feminine support
•you need fresh perspective outside of your typical influence
•you are committed to deep healing & working through your own trauma
•you have something to say and need to be heard & witnessed
•you are curious about what holds you back from living authentically
•you are ready to manifest joy and abundance in your life

Slow Flow: A slower paced vinyasa class that allows the student to move more deeply into the postures and discover a calming “mediation in motion”. This class is great for beginners and seasoned yogis alike.

Selfspace: Selfspace is an urban meditation studio and art collective originating in Cleveland.  The founder, Lindsay Stefans, is a lighting designer, meditation instructor and practicing Zen Buddhist.  Raheem Stevenson is a painter and meditation instructor who is a practitioner in the tradition of the Fourth Way which combines and harmonizes the emotions, the body, and the mind. Kimberly Tretiakow is a dancer and artist who leads mindful movement classes and works as a specialist in childhood play therapy for autism.  They formed the meditation studio as a way to bring people together and share their knowledge in a secular and open setting. Selfspace also creates unique sound, light and sculptural environments and has been commissioned by art festivals throughout Ohio.

Support and Relief Yoga: A class to create more space and emptional support by utilizing techniques from Kundalini and Hatha yoga.  Each class we will explore different movements, meditations and mantras to aid you in finding more support and relief in life.

Yoga Basics: A slow flowing introduction to Yoga poses promoting flexibility, strength and healing in the body. An excellent class for beginners or for those wishing to relax and slow things down.

Vinyasa Flow: An energetic, rejuvenating and thoughtful yoga practice that connects the poses and breath. Yoga Basics: A slow flowing introduction to Yoga poses promoting flexibility, strength and healing in the body. An excellent class for beginners or for those wishing to relax and slow things down.

Rueda! (Group Salsa from Cuba): Informal group of dancers, free, casual atmosphere (you can wear any shoes you would like!) If interested, please email or text/call (415)572-7771