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5:30PM, Room 208: Alignment Based Yoga with Erica Steinweg   

7:00-8:30PM, Room 208: Capoeira with Patrick Seelig  (Click Here for More Information)


6:00-7:15PM, Yoga with Stephanie Murphy  (Click Here for More Information)   

                        *1st and 3rd Tuesdays Room 208 "Taboga"(High intensity) 

                        *2nd and 4th Tuesdays, Room 208 "It's a VIBE!" Yoga (All Levels)


9:00-10:15AM, Room 208: Alignment Based Yoga with Erica Steinweg (REGISTER HERE) 

6:00-7:15PM, Room 208:  Yoga with Jill Davies (REGISTER HERE)  *No Class on 12/27


11:30-12:30PM, Room 208:  Yoga with Jill Davies (REGISTER HERE)  *No Class on 12/29

7:30-10:00PM, Room 208: Contact Improv with Laura and Jeremy (9/15, 11/3 & 12/1) (REGISTER HERE) 


9:00-10:15AM, Room 208:  Yoga with Marni Task - REGISTER HERE and ask to be added to Marni's Weekly TEXT Reminders. 

12:15-1:30PM, Room 210:  Rope Wall Class; with Leah Rachocki & Margaret Stamm (PRE-REGISTER HERE ~ Space is Limited)


9:00-10:15AM, Room 208:  Yoga with Marni Task - (REGISTER HERE) and ask to be added to Marni's Weekly TEXT Reminder 

11:00-12:00PM, Room 208:  "Sunday Salutations" Yoga with Stephanie Murphy  (Click Here for More Information) CLASS ONLY ON SUNDAY- 10/8, 10/22,  10/29, 11/12

12:30-2:00PM, Room 208: Fluid Yoga with Dionne every  3rd Sunday, 9/17, 10/29, 11/19, 12/17 (REGISTER HERE)

2:00-5:15PM, Room 208:  Cleveland Rueda ~ "Cuban Group Salsa" Pay at the door. (REGISTER HERE)

                                                 *Beginners:  2:00-2:45PM

                                                 *Intermediates:   3:00-3:45PM

                                                 *Advanced Group:  4:00-5:15PM. 

6:00-7:00PM, Room 208: Meditation & Qigong with Paul Francis Zegarac (REGISTER HERE)


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